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BDA Field Trip _Lacock Abbey, Wilts

History plays a big part in what we design for today and tomorrow. At BDA we take a look at key design movements through time, how they influence current trends. It is also critical to have a basic understanding of a historical style before we use it as a basis in a contemporary scheme. What are the defining characteristics, as well as differences for example between Art Deco and Art Nouveau, or Memphis Style and De Stijl, a column of the Doric and Corinthian orders...?

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BDA Masterclass _Interior Designers Get Social

This weekend saw the launch of our very first BDA Social Media Masterclass.
Hosted at a beautiful farmhouse location close to Bath, eight ladies gathered, phones at the ready to learn how to get the best out of their social media accounts.

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#BDALoves _Patternistas

Being the day that it is today, we wanted to share the love by launching a new feature called '#BDALoves...' ! This is where we'll tell you all about the Creatives, Makers, Suppliers and/or Retailers we have fallen for... truly, madly, deeply!

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