BDA X #ColourMe: 2/2

Okay, so for anyone who read our previous post from a couple of weeks ago, here is the write-up we were going to post, but didn't on account of the unseasonable, seasonal weather!

We're (finally) waving a fond farewell to summer; it's time to gather in and layer up! Yes, the seasons are definitely a-changing!

We're getting a sense of anticipation, one of new beginnings; this time sees the start of the new academic year for students of all ages (with a huge sigh of relief from parents!); a time to start thinking about sending out invites for hearty gatherings at home with friends and family; to begin thinking about this season's wardrobe (or at the very least, unpacking the one you stored away in the Spring and rediscovering some old favourites: think 'tan leather and layered knits'). 

The biggest sense we have as to the time of year is from the changing landscape all around us. Both BDA Founders KN and VH live on the edges of glorious countryside (West Sussex and Somerset respectively) and the sense of wonder a new season fetches with it, is, well, wonderful! If you visit BDA's Instagram, you'll see some snaps taken on a recent country walk depicting the delicate, subtle hues of Nature as it 'yawns' into Autumn! A great time to get out amongst it and to go foraging, not only for the fruits of the orchards and hedgerows, but also for ideas of colour schemes which we can bring indoors, and with them a sense of wellbeing and comfort which you can only get from this time of year.

Enjoy our selection of earthy, autumnal-inspired palettes, below:

BDA autumn 1

BDA autumn 14

BDA autumn 15

BDA autumn 19

BDA autumn 20

Image source: Pinterest